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Simpsons Meet in Tulsa -Duluth - Rock Hill (Updated 9-20-08)
Volunteer BANWR Project 05-01-08
Lucky Peak Dam - Mack's Creek Recreation Area Updated 9-5-08
Journal - Idaho to Virgina 2008 Updated 9-8-08
Birds and Wildlife - Idaho Adventure - Updated 9-21-08
Jack - FTRV Wonder Dog (Updated 09-07-08 )
Journal and Photos -On the Way to Idaho 05-04-08 Updates at bottom of Page
Lucky Peak Journal - Idaho Adventure -06-11-08
Interesting Sights in Idaho 05-06-08
Fran Comes to Visit Arizona - April 14, 2008
Who is this Amper in Arizona?
Utah Beauty - Birds and Flowers 04-30-08
Interesting Sights - Southwest and Arizona
Interesting Sights in South Dakota
License Plates - States Seen (Update 9-7-08)
Jack's Signature Page for Each State
Journal and Map - April 2007 to April 2008
Contact Larry and Sheila (UPDATED 09-07-2008)

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Our Adventure Map April 2007 to September 2008
30 States - Click Photo to See States

Away We Go 4-18-2007

Taken at Scenic View Near Hoover Dam
Colorado River is behind us!

Before We Left Boydton

FTRV - Full Time RV'ers

Traveling the USA in an RV is a dream we had for many years. 
After 40 years  we are seeing that dream become a reality!!
We hope you will see our Adventure of a Lifetime unfold with us , by staying in touch with us via our website. 
Keep us in your prayers!!

First GIANT Step!!
Lets Go!!

As we prepare to leave on our adventure we continue to explore our options and discuss where we will go first.
For all of you that know us, you know that Yellowstone National Park is very high on the list, as well as the Dakotas.   Not far behind is southern New Mexico and Arizona.   
As the time grows closer for us to go on our Adventure of a Lifetime.....we will update this area and share our decsions. 
We'll use this site to share the experience with everyone.
We'll include our itinerary, the interesting sites we visited, and the interesting people we met. Don't worry, there will be lots of pictures!
We will also be including our GPS location for our techie grandchildren and friends!! 
Our journal may not be completed daily, but we will be updating it on a reqular basis and sharing our experience and the wonder of our beautiful country often.
Check back often!! 

On this home page, we'll put a favorite picture of where we are currently. Other pages we will share what we have seen, how long we stayed, and who we met along the way. We will also fill you in on news from our family and how our labs are doing!!



Thanks for visiting and be sure to get in touch and let us know what you think of our site!

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