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September 7, 2007

Hello  and a Big Friendly Bark to all of you!!


The summer for me went  by very fast!!   Once we arrived at Macks Creek I began to get to know Idaho.  Don’t believe it when you hear it is all potatoes!!  I never even saw a potato growing in Idaho!!  They do have a great candybar called SPUDS, but the marshmallow center was not my thing.  


What I did see while we were there was snow, mountains, beautiful wildflowers and lots of cheat grass.  Cheat grass is not my favorite.  I think that is what made my feet itch y.   I have not licked my feet since we left Idaho 3 days ago!!   We LOVED all of Idaho that we saw!  


Where we were camped  at I could see all the campers coming in and the boats and jet skis on the lake.   When Sheila went on the cart to meet the campers and check the campground, I always went with her.  The children loved me and if I was not on the leash I liked all the other dogs, but when I was on the leash I felt afraid of the dogs coming to the cart, because I could only get off so far and most of the owners did not follow the rules about keeping their pets on a leash.  Sometimes I escaped when we came back from the store or if the camper door got left open and I would runnnnn down to the campground to meet some other pets.  However, I never –ever had another friend like Darby.   I hope Darby had a good summer.   If she had been here, we would have had a blast!!


Back to me and Sheila on the cart….she would take me to the boat launch area when no one was there and we would play Frisbee!  I LOVE Frisbees!!  Sometimes I could see a fish in the water it was so clear and I would chase the fish and the geese and ducks.  The campers would laugh and laugh at me and sometimes the children would come over and play with me.  I guess you know; I love kids. 


When we are on the cart Sheila talks to me about lots of things.  Mostly she tells me she loves me.  She sings to me too.  She isn’t the greatest singer, but she likes to sing.  Her favorite songs she sings are:

*I love Jack, I love Jack, Don’t you love Jack too?  He is a fun, fun dog and likes to play with you.

*You are my sunshine, you are my sunshine

*Yo tengo gozo, gozo en mi Corazon

*Today you passed me on the street….

*Because He  lives I can face tomorrow

I miss her singing with the kids in South Dakota , “The wheels on the cart go round and round”


Whenever we went to the Sawtooth Mountains I got to play in the snow!!  Did I tell you that it snowed until June 9th???  Then on September 2 there was ½ inch of snow in Stanley!!!  Where we were camped they said it was 44 inches of snow last winter, so I was glad we decided to leave a little early.   I made yellow snow all over Idaho in the mountains we visited in May.


We went to Redfish Lake and it a glacier lake.  It was so pretty there!!  I was not too crazy about Sun Valley.   Too many people and too many houses.   Sheila has told me many times that going back to civilization is not going to be easy!!  We have been in very remote places since last October.   Mobridge seems like a BIG city compared to Sasabe.   At Macks Creek we were pretty close to Boise (24 miles) but we were still very remote.  


In Buenas Aires and here at Macks Creek, all you see at night is the stars in the sky.  During the week at Macks, it is soooo quiet.  I can hear the lizards crawling on the rocks!!  Of course when we have campers, then it is different. 


At Macks Creek we had SKUNKS!!!  I learned my lesson in Patagonia and I NEVER got near them.  Other dogs were not so smart!!  Some days it was horrible to smell when we woke up.  Those little rascals would get into the campers food and then get their dogs riled up…..then they sprayed!!


We had beautiful birds in Idaho.  Sheila took a lot of photos.  Some of them I had never heard of before.  What is a curlew? 


We liked the Idaho people we met and camped at Macks Creek.  They were real people and Americans.  They were not whiners and most of them would tell you that were native Idahoans they weren’t happy about so many people coming to Idaho!! (3 guesses which one they liked least?)  65% of Idaho is uninhabitable by people at this time.  They only have 1.2 million people and they want to keep it that way.  I can’t say I blame them.  Maybe the Border Patrol could keep them out!!!


I had never seen a helicopter with a bucket attached until we came here!!  They flew up and down our canyon!  Also, the US Army helicopters practiced on our canyon, because it was very similar to Afghanistan.  Then , one day there was an accident to one of the sweetest girls we knew, Lizzie, and a helicopter landed in front of our camper at the boat launch area to carry her away to a hospital on a Life Flight.  Sheila was crying for Lizzie.  It really made me upset.   She had a head injury, but she was lucky it was only a SEVERE concussion.  She called Sheila later!!  I hope we hear from Lizzie and Ben again!


Sheila and Larry play Scrabble a lot!!  They also play something called Gin.  I usually just lie beside of Sheila and listen.  She does not cheat!!  Larry just says that when he is losing!!


We are headed home now.   I will have my OWN boat dock again, lots of trees and NO cactus’.  That will be nice and also it will be nice to have my own woods to explore and play in.   It will be different, because Moma Dog will not be there now.  She has been dead almost a year and of course we lost Hershey 2 years ago this October. Maybe we will get a new puppy….maybe a girl???  Sheila told me I have to Dr. Dahl and get another check up.  That’s Ok because I feel great.  I went to a vet in Mobridge and in Nogales (he was Spanish speaking) so it is good I know some Spanish.   Does anyone know what “Moo E Gwapo  Pairo” means?   I hope Raven is still at the garage and will share his Jimmy Dean biscuits!!  Also, I want to see Lisa, Renee and all their kids!! 


Sheila says we are going to meet her cousins Kenneth and Peggy .  Also we are going to see Terry, Larry’s cousin and we hope to see Aunt Katie and RC on the way home also!!  But the BIG stop is in Greensboro!!  There are SO MANY people to see!!  Maybe I will see Julie!   We have to find a good place to stay!!  Sharon and Ronnie are near Lake Juno and so is Devin…. We could probably park in front of someones house….that would be fun!


I have already been to Harrisburg , but we are going there again too as soon as we get settled in at the lake again!!  Sheila said even if we don’t take the RV …..we are GOING to see the WOW women and check out Patti’s new pup,  check out BA and Lisa, hear updates from Pyro and Lynn, see the Z girls and their mom and many more people!  Heck it will take a week to see everyone!!   That’s OK, there are some great cooks and places to eat up there!!


See you soon and I will expect to be petted and I will give you Jack Dawg kisses!!



Jack Dawg

FTRV Adventure Dawg







Hello from Arizona!!
We have been in Arizona for a long time!!  We got here October 15th and we are still here in April!!  All of us really like Arizona.  It has different animasl, plants and scenery.
Everything in Arizona bites, stings or sticks!!  I learned those lessons the hard way!!  The first week in Patagonia I got tangled up in a teddy bear cactus!!  Never have understood what was warm and cuddly about it....because Larry worked on me for hours pulling out the stickers while Sheila paced the floors. 
I got skunked 3 times in Patagonia.   I NEVER care if I see another skunk.....and if I do according to Sheila I better leave it alone!! 

We go out in the desert and look at flowers and cacti and rocks a lot!!  Sometimes we find a creek for me to play in, but water is not abundant in Arizona.
I made a really nice friend named Darby at Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge.  Also, I met Bella and Annie at Secundino Ranch House.
We are on our way to Idaho and I hope to make many friends there.   

Jack's Signature Page


August 1, 2007

I have been a FTRV-D (Full Time RV –Dog) since April 18, 2007.   It seems like the days go by very fast.  Sheila and Larry think so also.

Last summer was my first summer with Larry and Sheila and we were at the lake in Virginia.  That is where I got to know Raven , Marilyn, Hank, Brittany, Lisa and her family and some people that lived across the big highway named Melvin and Janet.     But you know, I love everybody and everybody loves me, because I am soooo loveable.

I like to meet new people and sometimes I think I am too friendly.  It has been so hot here in South Dakota that I think the best way to cool off is to go to the river and swim!!  Lots of other people think that too, because we have many people coming to the campground to swim.  It is so much fun to swim with the kids and they love to throw sticks for me to fetch and to float in the water with me. 

Across from the cabins there is a place people go called Blue Blanket.  I saw some people over there and wanted to introduce myself, so I swam across the bay to them!   Some of them were amazed at my swimming ability!!  They kept saying..  “Can you believe that dog???”   and “He is a great swimmer.” (Which I already knew) and “I could never swim that far!!”  

I had a great time with the people there.  There were a lot of boys there together.  I don’t know how long I was there, but I heard Sheila calling me and honking the horn for me, but I was having so much fun, I just ignored it.  I knew she would come back for me or that I would just go back over to the campground when the people left or I got tired of playing.

Then something strange happened.  These boys that were there  asked me to ride in their car. I had never ridden in a car like that before, so I hopped in.   They must be taking me to Site 19.  I know this because Sheila told me when she put my collar on me that it says her name, phone number and Site 19 on it.  That way everyone knows where I belong and who my master is. 

This is kind of cool.  I am hanging my head out the window looking and away we go down 1806.  When we turned left onto Highway 12 , I knew we were headed for Indian Creek , Site 19.  I was glad because it was a long day playing and I was tired.

Wait a minute……we just went past Indian Creek toward the town!!  They missed the turn.   I started barking to let them know to go back, but the car just kept going to town!!    They told me to be quiet.

We just went through Mobridge.  I see the DQ where Sheila takes me for a doggie cone.  Maybe they are going to get me a doggie cone……..noooo….we just drove on past it. 

Maybe they are taking me to the Library where Sheila might be…….noooooo…we just drove  past it.

Larry takes me on a ride sometimes to Alco….maybe that is where they are going and then they will take me back to Indian Creek…….nooooo….we just drove past it.

I am scared.  I have never been this far away from Indian Creek without Larry and Sheila.    Hey….look at my collar….it tells you where I go!!   I nudged the passenger and barked, but they just drove on.

Oh my goodness…..we just went over the bridge!!  I am on the West Side on Standing Rock Indian Reservation!   I don’t know anyone here!!  Let me out!!   Let me out!!!  I can get back to Indian Creek from here on my own!!! 

The boy seemed aggravated with me and rolled the window up, so I could not put my head out anymore.   I was alone in the back seat.  In our truck, Larry and Sheila have my blanket, my duck and my leash, but here I had nothing.   This is not good.  Where am I going????  I am really scared now!! 

We are still driving and we pass a sign that says Wakpala and Grand River Casino.  I remember Wakpala because Larry and Sheila went there to the cemetery one time with me.    How will Sheila know where I am ??  I will bark and bark so they can hear me!!  

Oh, no , don’t hit me.  I will be quiet!!   The car is stopping  and I see a house.   The boy pulled me out by my collar.  Please, Please….take me back to Indian Creek!!   I don’t know you and this house!!   It is very hot!!  I am very scared.   I don’t see our truck!!  How am I going to get back to Indian Creek? 

The boy went inside and left me outside at the back of the house.  There are some old cars here, so I will get under them to try and be cooler.  Where is the water dish?    I am very thirsty and I could sure use one of my cookies that Sheila gives me after I have been outside playing for a long time!!

It is getting dark.  I keep listening for Sheila and her horn, but I don’t hear it.  I went to the door and looked to see if they would let me in, but no one opened the door. 

Wait, there is a man coming out and he speaks to me!!   Maybe he is taking me in the car to go to Indian Creek!!   What is he doing??  He is taking my collar off!!   Please don’t do that!!  Sheila put that on me!!  My collar is gone!!  It feels strange without it!!   How will they know I belong to Sheila at Site 19? Dr. Dahl’s tag is on it too!!

What am going to do?  Where am I supposed to sleep?   I am thirsty and hungry.    The flies are all over me!!     I don’t like it here!!  I want to go home!!    I don’t like to bark and bark, but that is the only way they will come to look at me!!     Here they come!!  Ohhhhh….I am sorry….I will stop barking….don’t hit me again!!  Sheila never hits me.  Ohhhh, I want to go home!!

How could I have been so gullible to get into the car with these people?    I am on the Indian Reservation,  and I have been captured by the Indians!  How am I going to get home??? I will hide under a car tonight.  I sure wish I could hear Sheila calling me and blowing the horn!  I would bark as loud as I could to let her know where I am !!

It is getting to be daylight.   I hear more cars on the highway.  One time I thought I heard our truck.  It is a loud F350 diesel.   It did not stop.    I still don’t have any food , but I found some water in a ditch to drink.   If I was home, I would have my own dish of food and water and be inside.

I will keep listening for Sheila  and  try to stay under the car, where it is cool.

I hear a radio playing music and news.   Larry lets me listen to Rush with him everyday, but this is not Rush talking…..wait..  this man is saying that there is a dog missing from Indian Creek!!  Oh my gosh!! He is talking about me!!

         Chocolate lab name Jack with a Red Collar

         Belongs to Sheila and Larry at Indian Creek

         Missing since yesterday afternoon

         Very friendly dog

         Reward is offered!!  Please call if you have any information!!

That is me!!! Hey guys…..did you hear that???    Sheila and Larry are looking for me!!   This is a mistake!!  I don’t live here!!  I live with them!!   Nobody pays any attention to the radio or to me!!

I am sad.  What if they don’t call the radio station?  What if Sheila and Larry don’t find me?

WHY DID I GO TO BLUE BLANKET?  WHY DID I GET IN THAT CAR???  HOW CAN I MAKE IT HERE AND LIVE?  It is so hot and there are so many flies!!  I am hungry and thirsty.   It is getting hotter!!

The radio is still on and I hear them tell again that Larry and Sheila are looking for Jack!  They are telling that Jack is the dog everyone loves at the campground and how much Sheila and Larry love him.  Help get Jack back!!  Call if you have information!! 

Here I  am !!!  Here I am !!   I started barking!!  I wonder what Larry and Sheila are doing?  I bet Chip is helping them look for me!!    Oh, I hope they find me!!  

I am trying to stay cool and keep the flies off of me.   It is getting hotter and hotter.  It seems like it is getting into the afternoon. It must be the  same time as yesterday when I went to Blue Blanket.  I can’t go swimming today.

I hear a truck.   I don’t hear Sheila or the honking horn.  I  don’t see our truck.   I have drank all the water in the ditch.  There are lots of cars on this road,many more than in Virginia and in Indian Creek. 

I hear a truck louder than before.   It is so hot, I am staying under this car.   Did I hear Sheila calling me or am I just dreaming???  I hear it again!!  Here comes one of the boys…..I hear Sheila…there she is!!   Oh I can hardly believe my eyes, there she is and Larry is in the truck!!!  They have came for me!! Found at last!!

Sheila is hugging me and crying!!!  Let me in the truck…..get me out of here!!!    Sheila asked about my collar and the boy went inside and got it with all my tags on it.

I am in the back seat of our truck!!!  Larry is petting me!!  Turn up the air Larry!  Lets go to Indian Creek!!

Here we go, back across the bridge!!  Back home, to Indian Creek

Sheila and Larry are talking and telling about all the people that helped them look for me.   How Mel got it on all the radio stations and on the cable TV news!!  People called Sheila and people came to the campground looking for me!!  Some people had told Sheila that the Indians on the West side eat dogs and she was frantic about that!! 

Sheila kept petting me and she saw the sores I had on my ears from the flies! 

When we got to Indian Creek,  Sheila filled my water dish 3 times for me!!  Oh the water was so good and cool!!  Then she fixed me some eggs and some kibble together, like I like it!! It was soooo good!!

Oh….it is cool in here.  Larry put medicine on my ears and they sprayed me with some disinfectant.

All I wanted to do was sleep!!  I was exhausted. Thank you Lord, for letting me get back home safely to Larry and Sheila.  I still will be friendly, but I will be more cautious now!!   Today is Lisa’s birthday – July 24rth.  A day to remember!

I hope I am never captured by the Indian’s again!!   I have learned a valuable lesson!!



July 18, 2007

Hi ,.

I wrote this letter below, as if it was from our dog  Jack.  On the website  everyone  gets a kick out of Jacks writing! Please know I think of you often!!  Please give our best to everyone!   You are in my prayers.

Love, Sheila and Larry


Hello from Jack the Labrador!

Larry and Sheila and me (Jack) have been gone 3 months today.  Sorry I have not been in touch sooner, but it has been quite a trip getting out here to Mobridge, SD!!   We rode over 2000 miles to get here.   Once we arrived it was so different and I had so much to get to see and people to get to know, I have been very busy.

When you pull into where we are there are buffalo herds roaming in the pastures, cattle, and horses with fouls. You can see the river from the ridge and as you drive in, there are pheasants and quail along with prairie chickens along the roadside.  Buffalo look quiet, and they are, unless you make them mad, then they are very fast and they are VERY strong!!  Take my word for it! The air smells different here.  It is fresher.  There is no industry and there are about 1 person per square mile…..there are only 800,000 people in the entire state!!  Less than in Richmond!

I can not even begin to tell you everything I have seen and done!!  South Dakota is SO different!!  If you like to hunt and fish this is heaven!!   Our RV is sitting on the Missouri River and Lake Oahe, which is the walleye fishing capital or the world!  If you have ever had walleye, you know it is the BEST fish ever.   We would rather have it than flounder or catfish!!   They have many walleye tournaments!! In a one day tournament with 32 teams they caught 950 pounds. Some of the bigger tournaments there are thousands of pounds caught.  Larry and Sheila drive the golf cart for the fishermen back and forth to the boat dock and I ride with them too!!  I have my own volunteer vest!!   Also, they have white bass, northern pike, crappie and SALMON!!   I go fishing sometimes and I have caught a fish bigger than Larry!!

The pheasant hunting here is also some of the best in the world!!  (I know where there are many nests!!)  In the fall many people come for that, but we will be gone by then.  They are the Chinese Ring Necked Pheasant and they tell us they are delicious!!  Maybe we will stay…just for that!   People come for days at a time and go PRAIRIE DOG hunting!!  There are thousands of them; they completely destroy pastures and fields. Some of the farmers let the hunters come and set up and hunt for free!!  Some people bring all kinds of guns to practice with and use the prairie dogs as targets. Larry and a guy named Jared are going to Timberlake to do that soon.  You can drive your truck into the field and set up, so there is not much walking.  

People from all over come here camping!!  I have made friends from Minnesota, SD, Wyoming, ND, Utah, Colorado, Montana, Idaho, Texas, and Canada.  Every night Sheila and me take the cart and got to each site to talk to them and sell them firewood!!  I wear my volunteer vest.   I meet the children and then the next day when they go to the river to play, I go with them!!  I play and play with them on the rafts, chasing sticks, riding jet skis and sometimes I even go for a boat ride with them!!   Larry does not have a boat.  He wanted one, but Sheila was too “tight” (not sure what that means) to get one.  I love the kids and they love me!!   Everyone knows me!! 

Guess what?  I joined the National Guard!! The National Guard does training here in the river.  They built a mobile bridge here!!  Also when they did their rescue training, I saw them and tried to rescue them!!  Have you ever ridden in a big military truck?  I did!! They brought me back to the main office at the campground in the big camouflaged truck with USNG on the side!!  They all loved me and thought it was really cool that I was willing to join the Guard!!   We have flags on our golf cart and the NG liked that also!

In Virginia we had Occoneechee Indians, but we never really saw them.  Here we have the Sioux and the Lakota and we see them every day.  We are on the east side of the Missouri River and when we look across the river to the West side, there is the Standing Rock Indian Reservation.  They have a Casino there and Larry and Sheila go there to eat every Monday night and bring me some GREAT left over’s!  It is a buy one get one free buffet night!!  The Indians here look like the ones in the Old Western movies that Sheila watches!!  They have pow wows all the time and in their cars they play pow wow music….not hip hop… some people at home.   Some children were here last week and they speak Lakota.  Sheila taught them to count in Chinese and they tried to teach here Lakota…..but she did not learn it all.

The weather here is much different from Virginia!!  It is very windy and a breeze is 35MPH!!   Several times Sheila and Larry have had to go to all the campsites and ask them to go to the shelters because of high wind and storms.  We have had gust up to 80MPH and the very first day we were here, it ripped the awning off of our RV!!!    It also jerked the door one day so hard, it made it start making a popping racket, but Larry and his friend Bob fixed that!    One day it was 108 and the next morning it was 58!!  It seems strange that Larry and Sheila turn the fireplace on some mornings, because it is so cool!

The fields are full of wheat, soy beans, barley, hay and sunflowers!!  The fields are thousands of acres and are so big you can not see from one end to the other!!  Kari and her husband Bryan have wheat and they are going to let us come to watch the combining.  They are on the US Olympic team for Rifle shooting and Bryan also for Archery.  Watch for them in Beijing Olympics next year!  

The kids here are as tough as nails!!  Most of them we know are from the ranches and they have to work on the ranches farming and with cattle.   I think they must put up signs in the nurseries “No Whining”, because it does not matter what the weather is (windy, cold, raining), they never stop!!  They fight (really fight) shake hands and get up and go again!!   The girls are meaner than the boys!! (ha ha)  One little guy had a burn on his arm from branding cows, but he said it was no big deal, it was part of life!  Out here in SD, the 3 R’s are ridin’, ropin’ and rodeo!!  You should have seen some of these kids in the rodeo here!!

Larry is tanning a rattlesnake skin!!  Here we have had bull snakes, garter snakes, and prairie rattlers!!  Larry has caught all of them.  We had a live rattlesnake for days to use in a reptile demo that Larry and Sheila did for the campground.  The one he is tanning is 39 inches long!! 

Our truck has been awesome!!  It hauled that RV over the mountains with NO problem!!   I have the entire back seat to myself, with a special blanket.   Sheila has a PC that she has up front that has the map and GPS on it.  Larry only wants to listen to some man named Rush….which drives Sheila nutso!!   I would like to hear some 3 Dog Night music….but I am learning to live without that. 

I go to the bait shop every day here  and see Jerry and his labradoodle, Harry.  Me and Harry have a great time playing on the boat docks together and Jerry gives us snacks.  Of course, I have my own “Cookie Jar” that Sheila keeps full of snacks at home for me.  I also have many toys to play with.  

Take care.  You can check our website for more photos and stories of what we are doing!!

Your friend and fellow people lover,  



May 16, 2007-  With Love from Jack!!   Told by Jack!

Man, Did I have a bad day!!   It started out real good.   Me and Sheila went for a nice walk and we went to the bait shop minnows and I got to see Harry the Labradoodle.    The wind was not blowing, so Larry had decided to go fishing.  He headed out with the minnows and Sheila stayed behind and did some chores.  It was a nice morning.

When Sheila finished the chores we got a few things together, checked with Larry on the radio and walked down to where he was fishing.   

When we got there Larry had 4 fish!! Larry and Sheila talked about what they would prepare for supper.  I ran around a lot and took off in the water.   That got me on the red long leash, because I knew I was NOT supposed to go in the water where the rods are.   Sheila wrapped the leash around a big rock and placed another rock on it to keep me from getting loose and chasing the bait and fish.  She gave me two shiners to play with, but that was boring.   

I saw Larry was catching another fish and I wanted to help … I started jumping up and down and pulling really hard and I pulled the leash loose and dove in the river!!!   Sheila was calling and calling, but I just kept swimming out in the river.  That dad blame leash was a real pain and slowing me down!!    I tried to chew it off, but it is too sturdy.     Larry was calling and calling and all the people in the boats were looking at me.   I think they think I am a really good swimmer!!  Finally, I realized I had to go back to the shore and I went back to where Larry was with all his rods.   I got all tangled up in them with the leash and when I finally got in , it was a REAL mess.     Larry was trying to get it all straightened out and I started going back into the water and going to the stringer and terrorizing the fish he had already caught!!  Sheila was yelling  “Stop it Jack” ….”Stop it” …but I just kept doing it!!  She told me….you are getting into big trouble…..and Larry said it was too late for that…..I was already in BIG trouble!!

Finally he got it untangled and  Sheila took the red leash and tried to get me up on the shore near her, but I almost pulled her in the river!!   Ohhhhh……she was not happy.    I know it hurts her back when I do that…..I knew better, but I wanted to go back into the lake!!

She finally got me up there and Larry was still trying to get the rods straightened out and he yelled up to Sheila that the STRINGER OF FISH was GONE!!!    Ohhhh nooooo!!!  It seems  that when I was terrorizing the fish,  I undid the stringer!!   ALL THE FISH WERE GONE!!!!  

It must have been a real show for the boaters seeing all of this going on!!   

Now Larry and Sheila were REALLY UPSET!!    NO FISH FOR SUPPER!!!  ALL THE RODS messed up!!  I knew I better get somewhere and lay down!!   This is the biggest trouble I have ever been in!!

We went back to the RV in the golf cart.   I was very nice and rode quietly.   Larry said I should be glad they would not EAT ME for supper!!

I think I better watch it……..I know they love me, but according to Moma Dog some people don’t love their dogs after a while.   That is what happened to her before she came to Larry and Sheila.  

Larry and Sheila went out to eat at the Grand Oasis and they brought me back some wonderful food!!   I am a lucky dog……Tomorrow I will be a good dog.  I promise.



Jacks Update  5-14-2007

This week I have seen a lot of things and met a lot of people here at the campground.

There were many children to play with and several shore line fisherman and their families.  They all think I am a wonder dog also…..because they wonder what I will do next.

Jerry and Harry the Labradoodle come everyday now.  People here in SD really love their dogs and many of them have labs!!   I feel right at home.

We went to a “Drive In’….a very strange place.  People come in their cars and trucks to watch a big TV!!  Lots of them sit outside and they eat popcorn .   I think I was the only dog there.    Larry says he is not sure if I am a dog or if I am a boy……I know what I am.    I wonder if Larry is a man or a dog? 

 On Mothers Day we went fishing.   While we were there I saw “the duck” again.  Sheila calls it the “Lone Duck” because it is never with other ducks!!   I decided to swim out and check it out.   The duck was checking me out too, but when I got within 2 feet it went under the water and disappeared!!  I tried to look under the water for it, but could not see it.   Sheila was laughing and when I looked the duck was behind me ……..I think it was going “nah nah nah nahhh na!”….I got you!!   I swam and swam , but never got closer!!   Dog gone it!!!!      I will see it again! 

Update 4-27-07
We are STILL riding......I don't think it will be much longer now before we get to Mobridge.
Last night we stayed in a KOA place.  I was pretty excited when we first stopped and I took off running all around the park before Larry could get my leash on.  I got into BIG trouble and was put on the short leash.     Sheila was calling and calling me, but I was just running and jumping!!  When Sheila took me for  a walk after supper we would walk a short distance and then Larry would blow the orange was whistle.  Sheila would walk very fast with me back to Larry and  as he continued to blow the whistle.   Everytime we left, he started blowing that stupid whistle!!  We did that over and over.  I think she has the idea now, when Larry blows the orange whistle she should come back to the RV.  It was sort of funny to see Larry blow the whistle and Sheila come running to him.    I wonder if when Sheila blows the whistle will Larry come running to her?  I am glad they don't blow that whistle for me!!   I think Sheila wanted me to go back on my own when we heard it, but I knew Larry was calling for her. 
What an experience on 212 when the RV under neath came loose!!  I stayed in the truck and saw the whole thing!  Larry and Sheila laying  and rolling around under the RV on the road and on the ground under the RV , the wind blowing Larry's hat away and Sheila chasing it!!  I was glad to be a Lab, so I did not have to be out there!!    
It was real nice at Whitlock when we got there.  I had lots of new places to explore and water.   Terry N. has made a request about tracking my adventures, so stay posted for a new item on the website about me...... is nap time.    
Update 4-24-07
Well, we are still in Iowa.  I am having a good time.  There are some children here that I see every day.  Sheila takes me walking every morning, several times during the day and after supper.  She throws the sticks in the lake for me during the day, so I get to swim.   I love it, but the GEESE hate me!!  They are always squawking!!  Today it is raining, so I can not go in and out of the RV.....Sheila gets real shook up about the dirt!!  Larry told her to chill and she has a special towel to wipe my feet.  It is sort of funny.  I come in...she says sit, but really means lay down and then her and Larry wipe my feet!!    I have my favorite duck to play with in the den, but today Larry got out this doll named Jeff Foxworthy......I don't really like him so much.....I can't understand him!!   Sheila hid him under the pillow with the owl on it from someone named "June Bug" in GB....(wierd name for a Brit lady ...don't you think?).  Sheila calls Jeff "Vic"....I don't know why.    Sure wish Julie and Patrick could see me now.   Larry and Sheila have Cocoon glasses and Sheila may try to get me some.....I would really be cool then.  If Pyro can wear glasses, I can too, right ?
See my latest photos below!! 
Update 4-21-07
The adventure has began!!  I have been riding for 3 days now!!  We stop often and I have watered plants from Virginia, NC, WV, Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky and Iowa!!    There are lots of people out here that like me!!
We told Moma Dog good bye.  Lisa is going to take care of her and Hank and Kathy also love her, so she is very lucky.  She knew we were going, but she just could not ride in the truck.   We miss her and love her.  (BIG HUG) to Moma Dog!!  
We sleep in the RV at night.    Sheila brought my special blanket for the truck and the RV.  Also, my favorite snacks, so when her and Larry have their mid day snack, I have mine too!!
We will be in SD by 4-23-07.   We are going to see Laura Ingalls Wilder.....she sounds like a neat person, because she has a dog named Jack too!    
Update 4-24-07
Well, we are still in Iowa.  I am having a good time.  There are some children here that I see every day.  Sheila takes me walking every morning, several times during the day and after supper.  She throws the sticks in the lake for me during the day, so I get to swim.   I love it, but the GEESE hate me!!  They are always squawking!!  Today it is raining, so I can not go in and out of the RV.....Sheila gets real shook up about the dirt!!  Larry told her to chill and she has a special towel to wipe my feet.  It is sort of funny.  I come in...she says sit, but really means lay down and then her and Larry wipe my feet!!    I have my favorite duck to play with in the den, but today Larry got out this doll named Jeff Foxworthy......I don't really like him so much.....I can't understand him!!   Sheila hid him under the pillow with the owl on it from someone named "June Bug" in GB....(wierd name for a Brit....don't you think?).  Sheila calls Jeff "Vic"....I don't know why.    Sure wish Julie and Patrick could see me now.   Larry and Sheila have Cocoon glasses and Sheila may try to get me some.....I would really be cool then.  If Pyro can wear glasses, I can too, right ?
Jack's Story
My name is Jack .  I am a Chocolate Labrador Retriever. 
When I was a puppy I was with Julie and Patrick.  They loved me very much, but when 2 babies arrived, it was very difficult for them to give attention to the babies and all of the pets. Julie LOVES pets and I had many playmates, other dogs, cats and a horse.  They had a big pool for me and I liked to dive in it, so Julie named me Jacque Cousteau.  
Julie loved me very much (and still does), so she allowed me to be adopted by Larry and Sheila .   Larry and Sheila live on a lake and they love Chocolate Labs or any type of lab!    I will never forget Julie.   She was a good Moma to me when I was a puppy, but I am thankful she loved me enough to want what was best for me and to want me to be a happy and free lab!   
I was now a country lake dog!!  Larry and Sheila nicknamed me Jack!!  
When I arrived there in June 2006, I met Hershey.  Hershey was so smart and wise.  He was 15 years old.   I knew immediately that he was loved very much and my new home was going to be a good one!!    He told me about Sunshine his brother who was with them for 8 years.  He also told me about CoCo the beautiful female that he loved so much and had beautiful puppies that was also with them for 8 years, but had kidney failure.  
Larry and Sheila's house is lab heaven!!  I can swim when I want in the lake, ride on the boat, play on the tube with the grandkids, ride in the truck with Larry and they let me sleep on their bed!!!  I am loved by them very much!
I met many new people on the lake and they all loved me (no surprise, I know I am quite loveable).  I follow our neighbor Hank on his paddle boat and I can swim faster than he can paddle.   When new people come to the rentals here at the lake, I introduce myself to them and they love me immediately!!  Of course, I don't mean to brag, but I am just loveable!
I shocked everyone by diving in the lake when a jetski stopped with a tube with some children on it and I pulled the entire rig to the edge of the lake.   I am Jack the Wonder Dog!!   They call me Wonder Dog , because everyone "wonders" what I will do next to amaze them! 
In July we got a new BIG truck and I heard Larry and Sheila  talking about an RV.......and I was not sure what it was.   But in August we went for a ride to get an RV and it was a new house.  I made myself at home right away and Larry said the RV was "Jack's House"!  
Now as Larry and Sheila prepare for their "Adventure of a Lifetime" , I prepare too.   I am learning to obey and to be more calm in the truck.  Also,  when we stop and I am on the leash I sit and do not approach others until I am told it is OK.  Sheila is teaching me Spanish and I am learning my commands to sit, come, and stop in Spanish.    It shocks people when they find out I am bilingual.
Hershey tried to help me and show me some tricks of the trade for being a country dog.  However, Hershey became more and more feeble.  On October 30, 2006, Hershey went to Rainbow Bridge, where pets wait for the ones that loved them to cross over to heaven with them.   Larry and Sheila both were very sad and cried for Hershey.  I was sad too and tried to comfort them.   Hershey will always be in our hearts.
I am very excited about our Adventure of a Lifetime!!  I know I will see many new things and meet many new people and pets. 
Check back to see photos of me!! 

I see a duck!!

I see the duck vanish!!

FTRV Wonder Dog

Jack at Play

Jack Takes A Break

Hershey - March 2006
Always in our Hearts

Moma Dog's Story

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