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Fran Comes to Visit Arizona - April 14, 2008
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Fran Comes to Visit Arizona - April 14, 2008
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Fran Makes It to Arizona














Fran arrived on April 14!!   It was so WONDERFUL to see her!!
Larry dropped me off at the airport so I could greet her!   Then we headed to the hotel to hook up with Larry and get my bags.
Jack and Larry were going to have a few days to explore Black Canyon and do the "guy" thing while we did the "girl" thing! 
Her cousin Suzanne was a great hostess for both of us!  We LOVED her house!  It is a 1906 adobe style that is like a doll house.
We went to the Botanical Gardens and then all over Phoenix.  The next day we went to Scottsdale (Snotsdale to some people) and we met a man from England that works for TYCO!!
Fran and Suzanne had a wonderful time sharing family memories. 
We headed to the Grand Canyon!  We stayed at the El Tovar.  I got a photo (not so good) of baby bears!! 
The days went by soooo fast.   Before we knew it, Fran had to go back to Kernersville!
See you in September!! 

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