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Marathon Conversation- Hugs-Memories to Share


There are some people you never lose touch with!!  
Back in 1972 working swing shift at Church Street we would sit on the steps and eat our supper and talk of our dreams for ourselves and our families.
You never know what life will put in your path, but on that path, you always pray you will have a friend that will care and love you throughout it all.  I have been blessed with many friends.  2 of them in one week that found their way along with me to Phoenix have made Phoenix a place I will never forget.  Fran came to visit and that was so unbelievable to me and then to find that Nancy was within 50 miles of here!! 
Nancy and myself met at Cavetown Recreation Area today.  It was so good to see her!!  It was great to see a car with NC tags also!!! 
We remembered many of the people at AMP that we knew .  Renee and her family, Page in Elon,  David in Maintenance, Delois, Carol, Katrina, Otis and many more!! 
We laughed saying that of the old timers would probably say "We knew they were nuts a long time ago!!" 
Nancy is doing photography across the country of sites and wildlife.  Me too, but I am not a really good photographer!!  
I do hope our paths cross again. 
We have been friends for 36 years.....that is very special. 
(BIG HUG) to all AMP'ers!!   We are all still a family!!  



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