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Photos from Sedona and Page Springs, Arizona


April 21, 2008

On the Road to Idaho

Leaving Arizona


Today we are leaving Arizona and headed to Nevada.  This is our first time pulling an RV to Nevada.   WE have completely enjoyed our past week here in Arizona.   There is still a lot more to see and o that we have never got to.   I could come back again and stay for 6 months.   The only other place I would like to dot that at would be New Mexico.  I always think of what June said when we came out here, that she loed Oklahoma, thought Texas was great, but New Mexico was truly a land of enchantment!


Just as we were getting into the truck to pull out, Fran called!!  She said she had many questions this AM about her trip at work and had spent a lot of time telling about the trip.  I am so glad she had a nice time!!


We buckled up, had our prayer and started to get settled in. 


As we prepare to leave, we hear that oil has hit a record of $117 a barrel!   Our first gas staton we pass is  a Shell station with diesel for $4.17 a gallon!!!  Who would have ever believed that!!   When we left Virginia last year this time it was $1.89. 


We went 74 West to 93 north just like our AAA trip guide told us.  We will be trying to get to Boulder City  today.   We plan to stay there a couple of days and explore the desert around there.  It is very close to Las Vegas, but we have been there and done that before.  


As we go past Lake Pleasant, we realize that we will not be seeing the saguaro much longer.   As we are on 93 for about 5 miles they are gone, but huge Joshua trees replace them.


Larry was in afib last night and he was very agitated.  This morning he is not in afib, but he is irritable.  We will definitely have to keep an eye on this and if it continues, we will go to the ER in Boulder City.


Jack is in the back seat sleeping and gets up now and then to take a look and lay back down. 


The XM radio antenna wire was flapping a little making a noise and it was aggravating Larry.  I don’t understand how that could bother him so much and the static on the radio when Rush is on has no effect on him!!   That static on the radio drives me crazy!!


We are definitely seeing some different scenery.  We see beautiful mountains ahead of us.  I just hope this road is cut through them!!  We are going to try to avoid crossing Hoover Dam.  There is construction near there and also the lines can be very long.


I sure did enjoy having wifi this past week!!   Oh… I missed it while we were at BANWR.  I have already made up my mind, I will not come out again in 2009 without  satellite internet.  We have a dish for the TV.  


We are seeing saguaros again near the Santa Maria River.  The largest number of arms on one that I have ever seen -14 arms!!!  Our elevation is about 2000’ and the temperature is 73 degrees! 


The road is very good through her.   93 North probably gets a lot of traffic.  We are climing a hill now….and within just a few minutes are at 2300’!!     We topped out at 2437’!!   


Here we go again…..2900’.


Here we go again….3300’.


Down we go……….2200’!!  in 5 minutes!!Larry used the Tow-Haul feature on Big Blue to reduce the speed and it worked great.   


We just crossed Burro Creek and the canyon was AWESOME!!


Up we are going again!!


Some facts about Nevada:

         36th State

         Nickname – Silver State

         Motto – All for our country.

         Capital-Carson City, NV

         Bird – Mountain Bluebird

         Flower  - Sagebrush

         Number 1  in the US in mining gold, Number 2 in mining silver, number 1 in the world in mining rare opals and a major supplier of turquoise and the only place in the US where mercury is mined.

         The Hoover Dam is in Nevada.  It took a huge amount of concrete to construct the dam and if it was poured into a highway, it could reach from Las Angeles to Miami!!

         The US Gov’t owns 85.1 % of the land in Nevada and continue to purchase land.  The state is the major center for atomic development.

         Criminal Minds is based in Vegas and uses the surrounding area for shows.  Pahrump is where Sarah was dumped to die!


We are still some saguaros in this area.  Not as many, but the hillsides are  Suzanne Green (Fran and Suzanne  will get this) and there are wild flowers blooming.  Brittle bush globe mallow and a few owls clover.  At Mile Marker 127, there was a creek with water.  


We have made it to Wilkiupe.


At mile marker 117 there are no more saguaros. 


Kingman 37  Las Vegas 146 – according to mile marker sign.


We are seeing some Engleman Hedgehog  cacti in bloom and some very pretty horses!!  Pyro and Lynn would love them!! 


We just got on 40 West toward Kingman and we topped 4000’  We crossed over a place called Rattlesnake Wash. 


Do you remember Jingles on the Roy Rogers Show?  Kingman is his home town and they have a street named Andy Devine Ave.


We are going to get back on 93 north and hopefully we will not have to cross the Hoover Dam.  There is another way, but it is not the way AAA  suggested. 


I was hoping to hear from Renee today.  It will be in one week before she goes in for her biopsy.  Please pray that it will be NOTHING!!   


Well, it looks like we will cross the Hoover Dam!!  I will have to keep my eyes shut the entire time!!    It is in about 65 miles.  


On this stretch of 93 North, we are seeing places selling Desert Honey, Olives and Nuts.  I read there is a date farm not far from where we are staying, maybe we will go there.   We are seeing a lot of fruit cain cholla cacti  and Engleman’s Hedgehog are blooming everywhere.  . It seems like we are in a valley, because we can see mountains on both sides.   According to the map the Black Mountains are to the West and the Cerbab Mountains are to the East. 


I gave Moma and Daddy a call to check in on them and see how they were doing.   I did not tell them we were on the road again.  I think Moma would flip if she pictured us on the Hoover Dam!!


We just passed a scenic view where you can see the Colorado River!!  It was beautiful!!


10 miles from the Dam we had to pull over for an inspection.  They checked out all the compartments and went inside the 5th wheel.    They were very nice, but very thorough.  We wondered if they ever caught anyone there.  I will try to research it on the internet. 


Now…I must get the camera ready for us to cross the Dam. 


We made it to the Dam and it was great!! 


No problems and on to the RV Park.  It is 3:45PM and we are set up for the next couple of days!! 


April 21 and 22

We went to Lake Meade .  It was an awesome site.  I enjoyed the visitor center and I am sorry I will not be here Saturday for their Junior Ranger Event!!


We did not see a lot of birds here.  Says Phoebe and a couple of hawks. 


April 23


Today is Kevin C. birthday and Joyce E. (motor mouth) in Greensboro.   We are pulling out of here today and our next stop is Zion National Park.  It is only about 2.5 hours or less.


We will hang out there a couple of days and see the Park before heading to Provo, Utah.

J checked the weather for Boise and I am surprised at how cold it still is there at night!!  Last week they had snow!!    Sure hope it will warm up in May !!  


As we leave Las Vegas we can see the skyline really well.  We stopped beside of the Las Vegas Speedway. Bobby, Steven,  and all of Jackie and Wayne’s folks would love to see a race here!!  I hope sometime they will fly out and rent a motor home or car and see some of this country.


I called Joyce, but she was not home.   I talked to her husband and he said she was doing really good. 


As we start out on 15 North, you can definitely see the difference in Nevada and Arizona.   There are a lot less cacti and a lot more scrub bushes.   The road is a very good road.  AAA did a good job for us so far!!   


Larry is listening to Rush and Operation Chaos.   Hillary won last night!!  It seems like the entire process is in chaos. 


The area along N15 between Vegas and Mesquite is very , very desolate and empty.  No houses, no businesses, except at exits and not where to stop about Mile Marker 95 there is a BIG incline that is about 400’.   To the West are the Mormon Mountains and to the left is part of the Grand Canyon.   We are seeing a lot more Joshua trees and a Brittle Bush.


One thing we noticed out here is that FedEX is hauling 3 short trailers instead of 2.  We had never seen that before.   We also saw Wal-Mart hauling 2 long trailers together. 


We have just passed a round house sitting in the middle of a field.  It looks like a space ship….according to Larry.   It is near Mile Marker 111.   I can not imagine anyone living in it.    We dropped 600 feet from Mile Marker 110 to Mile Marker 116    WHEEEEEEE!!!   The problem is GOING UP .  However, God Bless Big Blue F350…..what a great job Big Blue does!! .  Now Larry sees a Meas and he claims it is a space ship landing strip.  It is on our left (west) and to the right(East)  there is snow on the mountain.  


We stopped in Mesquite for a Jack Dawg break….. and what a place!!  Some of the most beautiful csonos I have seen in a long time!  Golf courses, retirement villages…..sitting righ on the Virgin River!! 

I thought it would be a small nothing place and it has a Wal-mart and lots of other places! 


Guess what?   We cross back into Arizona for 33 Miles before we enter Utah!!!  I like going to Arizona!! 


There are some really high ountains all around us.  It makes the Blue Ridge look like a hill!!  We just crossed a large section of the Virgin River and it has water in it flowing!! 


Ohhhh my….we are going through Virgin River Gourge and you should see it!!  I hung out the window for miles taking pictures!!  We were worried about going over the mountain, but we went THROUGH the Mountain!!!   It is SO beautiful!!!    We will be entering Utah soon!!  If this is what Bringham Young saw, I know why he said “  This is it!!! “


As we approach where we will be camping in Utah, the terrain is changing and the dirt is red, red, red!!  It is different from Sedona, more orangy red!!


Utah is beautiful and we are headed to Zion River RV Park……a top rated RV park in the country.

Wow….it is so nice here!    We met a very nice guy, Black Hawk, that is so interesting.   He is a 4 time Kick Box Champion and actor!!  Black Hawk is a Native American.  He has been in movies, sings and has a great personality!!    


We will be here for a couple of days!!


They are calling for SNOW in the mountains north of us.....this is an amazing place!


April 24, 2008


We went to  Zion National Park today!  It made me proud to be an American!   The scenery and the park were great!


I took a lot of pictures.  We went through  a tunnel .  For big trucks like ours, they stop the traffic and only allow it to go one way. 


We met some folks from Gouchester, England and sent a a big hello to June Bug!! 


Some Utah facts:

Capital – Salt Lake City

Motto- Industry

Nickname – Beehhive state

Bird – Seagull

Flower – Sego lily


We saw a license plate with a slogan “Greatest Earth on Show”  … appropriate for Utah. 


April 25-26, 2007


On the 25th we went to Bryce Canyon via Scenic Highway 14~!!  On the way we stopped at the La Verkin  overlook and there were many beautiful wildflowers!!  Verbania,  Desert Hibiscus, Globe Mallow and the prettiest Strawberry Hedgehog cactus I have ever seen!! 


On 14 there was 2 feet of snow pushed up on the sides of the roads and icicles hanging off of rogks.  We started out at 61 degrees and by the time we reached the summit, it was 9906 feet and 34 degrees!    The views were awesome!     The altitude was not good for Larry.  WE got out to let Jack play and he could not breathe and had to get back in the truck and sit down so he could use his inhaler.  He still was having trouble, so I was glad when we headed down the mountain and he started feeling better.


Jack LOVED the snow!!  He ran….he played ….he chased sticks…..he made yellow snow and he wallowed around and looked like he was making a Jack Dawg Snow Angel!!  I always thing of Wingo Shirley when I see a snow angel!! 


Red Canyon was breath taking in Bryce Canyon!!   There are many hiking trails there.   We went through rock tunnels.


When we left  there, we returned on Scenic Drive 143 and it was another spectacular view!!  Very curvy but we passed a lake and a ski resort.


This is the first time EVER, that I filled up my memory card on photos! 

On the way back I talked to Lisa and she has a very busy weekend!!   Also, I heard from Renee and she is doing good and will be going to a paint ball event this weekend.


Page called me.   We also talked to Squirt and to Alan.  I left a message for Sharon.  Linda sent an email and she is going to Paris!!  I am happy for her and hope her and Henry have a great time!!


On the 26th , we packed up and headed to Provo, UT.   We really enjoyed our time here at the Zion River RV Resort.  Great location and beautiful  area. 


We have a 4-5 hour drive to Provo.  It is all on Hiway 15 North.

While we are in Provo, we want to go to the Salt Lake,  Bonneville Speedway and see the Mormon Tabernacle.


Now….trying to get in touch with the KOA in Provo is the problem!!   I can not believe that the phone does not have ANY message!!   It just says we can not come to the phone… again!!   LOUSY customer service. 


As we are going north on 15 the elevation is climbing! 


We just saw diesel for $4.13!!   I would never have believed that in my lifetime, that would be a bargain here in the USA!!


We are really climbing in elevation!!  6890’, but the road is still good. 


124 miles from Provo, there was a dust storm advisory!!  In the distance we can see a lot of small dust devils and ithe visibility is not good.   We are  On the west side, there are dust devils on the east side, there are snow covered mountains and green rolling hills.   Another thing you see here are Ranch Exit signs.  The rances are huge and far apart.  The one we are passing now has at least 500 head of black angus and no sooner than we pass it and we see another pasture with 200 or more.    It is cool here, about 58 degrees and the elevation is still 5800 feet! 


We had a call from Metash and it was great to hear that all was going good for her family.    If we go through PA on the way home…..we MUST go see her!!


We are beginning to see a few Idaho license plates. 


There are mountains with SNOW everywhere around us!!!  WE are going down again in elevation.


Se are near a place called Spanish Fork….still on 15 North.  This place was on the news last night for using windmills to generate energy.  They have a huge and ONLY windmill village  in Utah, but anticipate there will be many more in the future.  


We arrived at the RV park and it is right on the Utah Lake, the largest fresh water lake in Utah.  It is very pretty here.


We got set up and went out to eat fish!!  We thought about the Libby Hill’s at home.   It is better.


April 27, 2008

We went to see the Bridal Veil falls and take a scenic drive around Provo and into Salt Lake City.


We went to Antelope Island, the largest island on the Salt Lake. 


There were many buffalo but not many flowers.   We did see some birds: 

         Meadow Lark

         Sea Gull


         Whooping Crane


On Jack’s walk we saw a :

         Downy Woodpecker

         Black-billed Magpie




Salt Lake was very interesting and it was great to see it! 

The buffalo herds and pronghorn were everywhere.  I got a video of a buffalo running on the beach!!   I am going to make a DVD to send home and will try to put that on it.   It was a sight to see.


Tomorrow we are going to take a scenic drive south of here and prepare to cross into Idaho.


Our next stop will be in Twin Falls , Idaho!! 


The weather is cooler here, but tomorrow it is supposed to be in the upper 70’s.  However, the next 2 days could bring some SNOW!!  


April 28th and April 29th                 Leaving Idaho -  

April 28 we decided to take  a break, rest and prepare for leaving Idaho.


Larry and Jack went and toured around some of the local roads and creeks and I cleaned up the RV.


Later we cleaned up Big Blue.  We still need to clean the RV outside good, but it won’t do much good until we get to Idah, because it will be covered up with bugs.  


Today was a beautiful day!!   The weather for the  next few days is cool with showers and in some places snow showers.    We hope to get to Twin Falls before the rain starts.


We pulled out of the RV park about 9:15AM.  We purposely left a little later, because of the traffic congestion in Salt Lake City.      It is a beautiful morning and about 70 degrees.


We stopped after we pulled out to check everything on the RV and then buckled up and  said our morning prayer for our safe travels and family.


According to GPS…..we are at 4502’ elevation.   The mountains tower around us. 


This morning we saw on the news about the tornadoes in Suffolk, VA.   I called and left a message for Kath and Hank.   I do hope they were not hit by any bad weather!!  


We heard from Renee and the biopsy results will be back on Wednesday.    There  was some good news already , but I continue to pray that the results will be negative. 


We have come through Ogden and as we go along 15 North the Salt Lake is is to our West.   We have just come up on the exit for the Migratory Bird Refuge.   Keegan would probably like this place!!   It is called Bear River Bird Refuge.   


The traffic has improved since we got out of Salt Lake City/Ogden.   You can see patches of salt all along the sides of the road.   It reminds me of the beach because it is flat and there is little grass growing.   There are some cows here, but the pasture is very lean!!    This is also near the Golden Spike Natural History Site.  Utah is famous for the fossils and artifacts that are found here. 


As we approach Snowville, Utah the terrain is very different again.  It is hilly and green grass, but NO trees.   This is the area that AAA told us that we would encounter inclines and we are.   We are at about 5000’  at Mile Marker 31.   It is not a step incline, but gradual.   At Mile Marker 27 we were at 5330’.


In 5 miles we will be in Idaho.  We are seeing the Saw Tooth Mountains to the West.  Also, signs for deer.  WE have seen 3 dead deer on the road since we left this AM. 


Entering Idaho!!!!

We crossed the Idaho  state line at 12:25 PM MST April 29th!!!   


We stopped to take a photo at the state line.  We saw a Rest Area sign and we will be stopping there , so I can get a map!! 



43rd State

Capital- Boise

Nickename- Gem State

Motto – It is forever.

Bird – Mountain Bluebird

Flower – Syringa


There is a lot of history in this state related to the Oregon Trail.   Also, we are excited that the Worlds Institute for Birds of Prey is in Boise!!



Sweetzer Summit  5500’ on I84 West Mile marker 257 in Idaho is  LONG haul up!!  


We just saw a truck at Idohome Rd. that said “Jesus Christ is Lord”  now a swear word”  After hearing “Reverend Wright” over and over again using God’s name in VAIN  FROM THE PULPIT, I have just had it with the foul mouths I hear in public places!!!  


We are down to 4300’ in elevation now, but we are supposed to be at 3400’ in Twin Falls.


Minidoka Wildlife Reguge is a sign we saw and Castle Rocks State Park.


We are about 46 miles from Twin Falls.  There are huge cattle farms on both sides of us.    WE are crossing the Snake River and it is FULL.    Sure looks different from te Arizona Rivers we saw, but I STILL LOVE ARIZONA!!!


There is a lot of irrigation here and we have seen HUGE stacks of hay!!


We have not seen any potatoes yet!!  I want to get some FRESH – REAL IDAHO potatoes before we leave to take home to my Daddy.  HE LOVES POTATOES!!


Snake River Canyon and Shashone Falls are near where we are stopping for a couple days.  They are about 182 Exit on 84West.


We arrived in Twin Falls, Idaho and were set up at 3:10PM.


April 30, 2008


We got a call last night from Keith in Idaho and they could not finish our shelter due to high winds!  We can believe it!!  Seems like South Dakota ALL OVER AGAIN!!    We will stay here another day or maybe two.


Extending our stay is OK, because, we can not go out and do ANYTHING!!  Looking out the RV window is a huge dust storm!! .  So, we will stay inside and work on the photos for the website and Larry may go and sit in the truck and listen to Rush.


We went yesterday afternoon and saw Snake River  Canyon and had planned to go back there today and to Shoshone, ID also.   La manana… manana!!  


Today is our 41st Wedding Anniversary!!   It is a long way from Dillon , SC in many ways!!


Sharon called last night and Ronnie is in the hospital. 


Please keep him in your prayers. 


April 30, 2008


We got a call last night from Keith in Idaho and they could not finish our shelter due to high winds!  We can believe it!!  Seems like South Dakota ALL OVER AGAIN!!    We will stay here another day or maybe two.


Extending our stay is OK, because, we can not go out and do ANYTHING!!  Looking out the RV window is a huge dust storm!! .  So, we will stay inside and work on the photos for the website and Larry may go and sit in the truck and listen to Rush.


We went yesterday afternoon and saw Snake River  Canyon and had planned to go back there today and to Shoshone, ID also.   La manana… manana!!  


Today is our 41st Wedding Anniversary!!   It is a long way from Dillon , SC in many ways!!


Sharon called last night and Ronnie is in the hospital. 


Please keep him in your prayers. 



May 1 – May 2, 2008

The weather is still very windy!!  We heard from Keith and they will be ready for us on Friday afternoon, but we will not go until Saturday Morning!  We are looking forward to getting there.


May 2 we decided to go to Shoshone Falls!!  They were fabulous!!   We saw a lizard, elk and rock chuck!  We also saw  a hawk, but not many other birds.  They are taller than Niagara Falls!


We heard about a 1000 Falls Scenic Trail and decided to take a look.   We stopped at Smith’s Dairy and they have POTATO Ice Cream!  It was very good and had a very good vanilla flavor.  They are a dail that uses glass bottles !!  I could not remember the last time I saw milk in a glass bottle!!


We stopped at 2 hatcheries and saw all types of fish!!  Jack wanted them really bad!!  The national hatchery uses volunteers!!  It was so pretty there!  It is part of the Department of the Interior.


The river and the mountains are so stunning!!  


We also heard for Laurie and Richard!  They are in Portland for the summer as host, so maybe we can get together.


Ronnie came home from the hospital!  He is doing OK.  I hope he takes care of himself!!


Well, tomorrow we will be at Lucky Peak!  We met a couple today that has camped there before and they really liked it!    Keep us in your prayers.



May 3, 2008

We got up and loaded up the RV and headed out to Lucky Peak!!


After we got on the road I called Keith to let him know we were on our way!!   There was a little problem with the generator set up and we can come, but there would be not power for us to use.  We have a generator, but Larry did not want to use it.  We are down to the 2 small tanks of propane and we did not fill up at the KOA.   I wish we had and suggested it, but ohhhhh well!    Based on the time they think hey can have it ready, we are going to stay at another RV park until Monday.    This park is 7 miles from the Lucky Peak area.  At least we will have an opportunity to check it out and to familiarize ourselves with the area.  


It was supposed to be sunny today, but it is really mostly cloudy and according to the truck thermometer it is 52 degrees outside.    


We just crossed the Snake River again at Mile Marker 129.  It is a really pretty and one of the interesting things we see here is the extensive irrigation systems and canals.  I am going to try to research it a little more to see how vast it really is.  These people appear to really know how to harness water!!    Yesterday we also saw a small windmill farm. 


We just passed a winery!!  There was a huge glass and bottle on the hillside to advertise it!!    Anne would love it!!  It was Carmela Winery near Glenn’s Ferry.   We saw a couple of small wineries on the 1000 Springs Trail yesterday.


We just saw a truck completely turned over and the cab of the truck was complete flat!  Lord, please be with the people involved and their loved ones. 


There is a ranch for elk, Little Valley Elk Ranch. 




I have to tell you that we are very happy with our Cedar Creek!!  We put all of our pictures and knick knacks on the walls and we have NOT lost any of them!!   We do have the Trail Air Ride Hitch and Suspension System.  It is work it!!


Bruneau Dunes and Observatory… at Exit 112 in Hammet.   I have to look that up too.  There are some beautiful green fields and farms here.   The elevation is lower than I expected.  2660 feet!!


Another winery!  Cold Springs Winery!!


We just saw 4 pronghorn antelope!!!  WILD on the side of the road!!


The Snake River Birds of Prey Natural Area is going to be near us.  WE definitely want to got there and see if we can spot some unusual birds of Prey.  Also the National Birds of Prey Institute will be near us. 


As we driver North on I84 in Idaho, there are snow capped mountains on each side of us.   We are seeing signs for US  Idaho  Ecology Site.  Is this where the waste study on the soil from Iraq is being studied?   We just saw a huge pile of sand and lots of front loaders!!


Larry is not impressed with the terrain.   We have climbed some in elevation.  We are at 3300 feet. 


We just saw at Exit 57 our first sign for Lucky Peak Recreation Area!!  There are 185,000 people in Boise.   If we had taken that exit, we would go about 7 miles before we got to the dam and then another 5 miles to get to Mack's Creek.


2 huge military planes just flew over us!! 


I just saw a Wildcat 5th wheel and though of Dawn and her family back at Indian Creek.  I hope they have a great summer and catch a lot of walleye.  I wish I could see Kari to give her a big southern hug!!  


We had a HORRIBLE time finding the RV Park, because the exit we needed was closed due to construction, but we finally found it.    


After we set up, we went to see Mack’s Creek at Lucky Peak.   It was a very pretty drive and the lake is HUGE and beautiful.  It backs up to Arrowrock Dam also.  We met some nice people and we helped a young couple get their car started.


Then  we checked out where we will park.  It is going to be very nice!!  We have a great view of the lake and there are not many campsites.  It looks like most of the use will be at the boat ramp and day use area. 


On the way back from there we talked about some of the day trips we want to take.  We definitely want to go to Hell’s Canyon on the Oregon Border.  Also, Scenic View on State Road 21 and then up to Northern Utah.   There are many Scenic Views!!


We decided to go to Denny’s for supper.  Tomorrow we will go explore some more.  We need to find an RV supply place and also a Wal-Mart. 



Canyon Trails RV Park - Boulder City, NV This is a great place to stay!! Very reasonable, clean and great bath houses and laundry!!





Las Vegas Speedway

Mesquite, AZ
A surprise oasis in the desert!!

Virgin Gourge Utah
So much beauty!!


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