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Lucky Peak Dam - Mack's Creek Recreation Area Updated 9-5-08
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Well, May to September FLEW by in Macks Creek!!   As a matter of fact the past 17 months have flown by!!  Ohh...I do still miss my SD people and AZ people.   We were blessed with MANY wonderful people along this beautiful trip across this great country....the USA!!   The sites were special, but it IS the people that will stay in your heart forever!  

We fell in love with Idaho and many of the residents.  We were very busy and we went on many of the scenic byways in Idaho that took us into Oregon also.  

Jack loved Idaho also, especially the dock and the frisbees!  Speaking of frisbees, I think I must have given every child in Idaho a frisbee from the Army Core of Engineers!!  I had a great time with all the people, but especially the kids and the families. 

The ACOE here was an awesome group.  Snow White (Operations Manager) was awesome and had a great group of elves.....this is payback for calling us Barney and Betty (ha ha).   The Sheriffs we worked with were the best also.   My brother in law would like them!!  He is one in Rockingham County.

As we prepared to leave, I felt a little sad.  However, we are going home.....home to see our family , friends and start new paths and journeys again in our life.   Along the way we will visit with some cousins ....some of which will close the big crevice and prove they can have family come!!

Our Adventure may not be on the road , but we will always have the memories of this 17 months !!   There is no way to describe it all.  I hope you read some of our Journal along the way.  I was really bad while we were in Idaho about updating the site, but I promise, I will be adding more photos and a story from Jack about Idaho.   

Macks Creek was remote and I went into town to do email and Larry and Jack waited outside in the truck, so I always hurried.  Thank you all, Charlie, William, Louise for checking on me!!  It did sort of look like we fell off the face of the Earth!   We were fine and simply were enjoying the time we had in Idaho and playing HOURS of Scrabble and Gin while at Macks Creek!   Don't believe Larry....I did not cheat....I lost most of the time!! 

Stay tuned for more updates!!   (BIG HUG) to all the guys and gals in Idaho!!   Always the best to you guys because we are Tarheels who loved being Spuds for the Summer!!









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