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Lucky Peak Journal - Idaho Adventure -06-11-08
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Lucky Peak Journal

JUNE 6,2008

We are beginning to get settled in to life at Mack’s Creek.   The weekends are busy with people , but during the week it is very quiet.  We spend a lot of time sitting outside looking at the birds and working puzzles and crocheting.  


In the mornings, I like to take Jack down to the docks during the weekdays for a swim.  He is very contented here. 


The weather remains very cool and we have had a lot of rain.  In the mountains it has snowed several times and it even snowed June 4rth here again.  That is June Q.’s birthday!! 


We have been exploring some of the areas sights.   We went to the Bird of Prey Institute and saw the museum there.  It was nice, but I really enjoy the birds in the wild more than the ones in the museums.


The birds here have been great!!  I posted some photos of some of them on the web site, so take a look.  The Long –billed Curlew is the most unusual one, I think!


The people here at the USCE are great.  We love all of them.   They really are good to us and very diligent about their work.


Moma and Daddy seem to be doing good.  I also talked with Peggy and Aunt Katie one day.  Aunt Katie went riding on a HARLEY for her birthday!!   What a cool thing to do!!


The Oregon Trail runs near us and I will be writing more about it in the future.  History has came to life for me on this trip.  It only makes me love the USA more and be more proud to be an American!! 


Enjoy the photos I posted!! 


We miss and love all of you in our family.   Keep us in your prayers. 


(BIG HUG) from Larry and Sheila and  a big tail wag from Jack Dawg!!


June 10,2008


It is COLD here!!  Yesterday the high was 58 and the wind was blowing hard!!  We could not sit outside and when we were inside the furnace was on on!!  Larry refused to put on long pants because it is SUMMER!!   I had them on and was wearing a jacket!!  Even Jack Dawg did not want to be outside!!


There were a lot of people that  came to the day use area….but they did not stay very long!!  There is a guy named Curt and his dog Kirby (named after the vacuum cleaner) that stayed and fished a lot!!   It was after dark when he came back, so I am not sure what he caught!  Kokone (a type of salmon) is the fish of choice here…..sort of like walleye in Mobridge!!


Terry and Cheryl were here this weekend also, but I don’t think they were water skiing!


I talked to Rachel today and she sounds soooo grown up!!  She has a lot of plans for the future.  She was telling me also about Roger’s trip to PA!  He was going to Hershey!   I miss my friends from PA and I miss Harrisburg!  Does that sound weird???   I hope to get up there this fall!


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