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Journal of the Trip from Boise, ID to Boydton, VA -Scroll down for previous days journals.

September 6,2008

The traffic is light this AM as we leave Limon, CO.  We should be in Kansas soon. 


I have already been on the phone trying to arrange a place in Tulsa, but I am finding for whatever reason, things are tight in Tulsa for the RV sites.  Is the fair there?   Ken said the 71st one near his house would be a good one, but they only have backin's and for our rigs size , it may not work.


We crossed into Kansas and there are lots and lots of flat land and fields of grain and corn. 


I am still trying to find a place for us to camp.  I may have to resort to the ExpoSquare. 


I talked to Delaine today and she is doing good.  Barbara is in London!  Peggy called and said if we come through Rock Hill next Wednesday, Sherrill will be there too! 


I called Moma and Daddy and shared with them about the arrangements for Billie.  My thoughts and prayers are with all of them. 


They are calling for rain in Kansas, but so far so good.   We do not like pulling in the rain .  It may be better today because it is Saturday. 


Welcome to Kansas

Jack Dawg is sleeping all the way home!!  However, when we slow down, he jumps up immediately to get out and run around!   


We just saw a group of 10 wild turkeys 76 miles into Kansas!


The terrain is very green…it almost hurts my eyes (Suzanne would love this!) and it is flat.  There are a number of oil rigs pumping! 


We stopped in Hayes, KS for Gas and found we had the time change sometime back, so we are 1 hour later than we thought.   There was a man there that really liked Jack.  He has a Chocolate Lab at home and her name is Missy Dawg!!  He could hardly believe that Jack is Jack Dawg!!  


Looks like we will spend the night in Salina , KS.    Tomorrow we will get to Tulsa!  We still do not have a good place!!  I am going to try to book ExpoSquare tonight from the internet.  The best we could find is 26 miles from Kenneth.  


The weather is still very cloudy, but we are lucky…..we have not had rain!! 


I just told Jack that this is where Toto and Dorothy lived!!  He did not seem impressed.


We are passing a windmill farm that is huge!!  It must be hundreds of them!!  It is near mile marker 220 on I 70 East in Kansas. 


It looks like we will make about 370 miles today.   We lost an hour due to the time change. 



September 7, 2008


Today is Devin’s birthday!!  He is 19 years old!!   Happy Birthday Devin!!  I hope you got my message!


 The weather is still cloudy and last night it rained, but at the moment, no rain. 


We are not getting away from Salina, Kansas until almost 11AM. 


The soil here looks like black South Dakota soil.  


We really liked the place we stayed last night and the people were very nice and customer service driven!


This AM we are getting on to I 135 South toward Wichita, Kansas.   Oklahoma is south of Wichita.

We are going to see Ken and Mary Anne!!  I finally found a place with pull throughs, wifi and cable!!  The lady at the KOA helped me.   We called Ken and told him we are on our way!!


I was thinking of Billie’s children this AM.  Today will be a difficult day for each of them , I am sure.  I pray it will go well for tem. 


Laurie’s house (kitchen) caught fire yesterday!!  Jamie burned his hands trying to put it our, but he is OK.   I sure do hate it for her!


As we approach Wichita, the scenery is still the same.  Flat, green  and big trees.  There are a number of oil wells and the soil is as black as coal!


I 35 is a toll road, but not as expensive as Colorado.  $3.25


Our next road is toll also.  I 412 into Oklahoma.




We Have not got to I 412, but we are seeing a LOT of oil wells as far as you can see.


We stopped to get gas and it was $4.09. 


How can one exit be $3.79 and another $4.09?????


As we get closer to Tulsa, I was telling Larry , Moma and Daddy kept RC and Ken when Victor and Katie went to Florida to look for a house.   Moma was pregnant with me.  


We are here in Tulsa and going to Ken and Mary Annes for Pizza!


We got hooked up and did some basics things and then headed out to go to Ken and Mary Annes house!  We had pizza had we had a lot of great conversation.   Ken and Mary Anne have worked very hard and their house is just beautiful!!   Mary Anne bragged on Ken about how handy he is, but, I think she is also very talented!!  


We did not get back to the RV until 11PM.   Both of us were very tired !!  Tomorrow I will call Ken when we are up and around and he is coming to show us around.  Then we are going to get Mexican food tomorrow night at one of their favorite places.   


It is nice to have a break!   Jack Dawg loves the grass here!!

September 4, 2008

Who could believe that it has been 17 months since we pulled out of Boydton, VA!!! 

This morning as we packed up to pull the camer out of the place we have called home since May, I took a few minutes to just take in the scenery and to reflect back on the past few months. 

I could see the faces of some of the families and people that we had got to know here at Macks Creek.  I have photos of many of the children and most of them, I can not remember their names, but I remember who they were and what they liked.   The little boy with the caterpillar in the ziploc container was so smart!!  He knew many things about animals and wildlife.  I don’t know what he will do when he is older, but he certainly does enjoy nature now.  Then there is Lizzie and Ben.  They were always so enthusiastic and willing to learn and share!!  The day Lizzie had her accident on the tube, I was so upset.   Thank God she was not permanently injured.   I will always remember her and how much she loved the Belted Kingfisher!    The Simmons family were always a welcome site!!  They were so nice and I will always remember them when I wear the Idaho charm they gave me.    There was Nick and his family (Butch) and all the people they brought with them.   Of course, we could never forget Cupholder Woman and Celery Man!!

We crossed into Utah and headed to Ogden.  The scenery in Utah is some of the most beautiful we have seen.   Also, I think of Lynn and Pyro here all the time….because these folks LOVE horses!!

We saw the Salt Lake again. 

Welcome to Wyoming!!

So far it reminds of us what we saw in Zion!!  WIDE OPEN SPACES!!!   

As we continue to drive the terrain changes from RED ROCK to greenish sand!!

Bonnie called us!!  We are near the place where we might camp tonight.  She is getting all kinds of things for the children’s programs and schools!!  I am so happy for them!!

We stopped in Rock Springs, Wyoming.   We are tired and Jack is too!!  He has been a good boy today!!

Tonight we want to hear John McCain. 

Traveled 488 Miles today!!

September 5, 2008

Woke up early and decided to do email.     The one I got back from Tori was sad news.  Billie Barber Wyrick died this AM in Greensboro.   She was Pleasant and Lila Simpson’s (Grandma and Papa) oldest grandchild.   I am so glad we all got to see her at the reunion in Kernersville.

It is 44 degrees here this AM and Jack has to GO!!!

We got on the road about 8AM. 

John McCain was great last night!!!  We really like Sarah Palin also. 

Now, in Wyoming near Rawlins, it looks like Arizona……desert, scrub brush, but NO CACTUS!!  A few more hills.   This time of year the wildflowers are gone except for Brittle Bush (Elk Ice Cream).

We just crossed the Continental Divide!!  

Its getting cooler…43 at 6700’.

Lisa called and said they are expecting rain from the hurricane.  I called Sandy at the beach and she said at Myrtle they are expecting rain and wind. 

We just passed an RV from Virginia!!!  It was a couple!

We also saw one from South Carolina.  

Where we are now, outside of Laramie, we just saw antelope on the hillside.  Yesterday we saw 8 antelope in Utah.

Once again, as we cross these mountains, we talk about the prioneers that came this way.  What must they have thought….what did they experience???? 

As we approach Laramie there are beautiful rolling hills, tall mountains in the distance, blue sky and clouds, deer and antelope roaming……take a deep breath, no houses only big ranches , snow drift barriers and fresh air!!

One thing we have seen on this road that puzzles us…the most BIG 5th wheels we have ever seen!! 

In the distance you can see snow on the mountains!!  It snowed in Stanley, ID the night before we left.  It was one of the places we liked to go near Red fish Lake.

I want to warn you NEVER stop at the Flyin J in Rawlins.  It is the worst I have ever seen.  Everything is out of order, out of stock or does not work!!  

We are in the Medicine Bow Forest.   I think I remember this being on some of my western movies.  

We have seen several wind farms and a number of oil wells pumping and being drillied!!

DRILL NOW…..are you listening Democrats??

We just passed a pasture with at least 50 antelope.    We are at 7800’ and it is 47 degrees. 

Larry wants to run the AC on the truck and set the temp at 80, instead of slecting the air flow and heat of 72.  I say it takes more gas to run the AC and the heat comes from the heat coil and engine.  Does anyone know who is right?

We are really climbing now….this is the highest we have hauled the RV.  8640’

Now that we are coming down the mountain the terrain is changing to green rolling hills, tall mountains that are snow capped to the left and beautiful rock formations.  There are tall ponderosa pines all around us.   It is 45 degrees.

There is PINK soil!!  The last time I saw dirt this pink was in Bermuda!!

We are going to be connecting on I25 south after being on I80 East for 386 miles.   We will be headed toward Denver, but we are breaking before we get on the I25, so we don’t take any chances on running into the liberals in Denver!! (ha ha)  Larry wants me to get Steven an Obama shirt from there….but I won’t spend money on that!!

A couple of jokes…

To the west of us we see the mountains we just crossed.  We stopped in Cheyenne, WY for a break and snack.  We may not make it out of CO today.  We are shooting for Kansas, but it is not likely.

Our next road is I470 for 25 miles and then I 70 for 400 miles!! 

Kenneth called us to see if we are on the road.  I am going to try to get our camping site in Tulsa tonight.

We are on E 470 around Denver and we had to pay our first toll for the entire trip.  $6.00

I do have to say it is a MUCH better road!!  We have bounced and bumped the entire time on I 25 South.

We just passed the home of the worlds first rodeo!!  Deerfield, CO

We also saw 2 Greyhound Race Tracks for sale and a big Baptist church!!

Approaching Limon, CO it is very geeen, lush and beautiful.  There are sunflowers (Rain and Lisa would love it) and antelope along with cows.  We are also climbing in altitude again  ---5800’.

We stopped in Limon, CO. 

Larry is really tired and needs a break. 

Is Where You Park It