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Simpsons Meet in Tulsa -Duluth - Rock Hill (Updated 9-20-08)

Simpsons Meet in Tulsa -Duluth - Rock Hill (Updated 9-20-08)
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Yes....IT IS TRUE!!!  A Simpson Is In Tulsa Visiting Family!! 
Then we went on to visit Simpsons in Duluth!!
Then we went on to Rock Hill to see a Simpson cousin!!
Finally, We got to the Greensboro Simpsons and Becks/Browns!

Simpson Cousins in Tulsa
Sheila and Ken
Tulsa Dinner
Larry, Sheila, Ken and Mary Ann

September 7, 2008

We arrived in Tulsa, Oklahoma today.   We came this way specifically to be able to see Ken and Mary Ann!  Ken is my cousin.  It is really sad, but we have never got to know each other.  His family moved to Miami when I was a baby.   Occasionally they came back to visit, but it was just for a day or so.   In case you don't know; there is a giant crevice between NC and FL for our family!   Actually, our family never went anywhere!  

When we arrived we had pizza and sat outside on the patio .  We talked and talked about all kinds of things.  They shared photos of the family.  They have a beautiful and comfortable home.   Mary Ann is a great hostess!!  

Ken's eyes are exactly like Papa Simpson's and Daddy's.   The color of blue is very distinct. 

We will continue our visit for 1 more day.  

We had a great day in Tulsa.  The morning was relaxing.  Ken came in the afternoon and took us for a tour of Tulsa.  We were lucky that Mary Ann was volunteering at the Historical Society Museum and we got a private tour.  It is a very impressive museum.  Ken and Mary Ann both work there as volunteers   It seems that Ken is quite handy!   

Later we went to a great Mexican place.   We heard about Ken and Mary Ann's upcoming trip to the Panama Canal!  I can't wait to hear about it when they return! 

The evening went much too quickly and soon it was time to say good bye.   I am thankful we had a chance to come here and visit.  I hope we will see each other again soon.  

Ken and Mary Anne
Larry , Sheila and Ken
Ken On The Phone With Doris

September 12, 2008

Well, this is a first!!  We are going to see Aunt Katie and Ruth Carolyn and Terry (her husband)!!  We had also hoped to see Terry N.'s family while here, but he is in San Francisco!! 

As we approached Aunt Katie's we realized our rig is a little big for the parking area!!  I called and RC came outside to point us to an area to park.  Larry flipped when we got there because of the limited space to get out, but I have confidence that he will figure it out!!  It is JUST an F350 Dually/Crew Cab with a long bed and a 38 foot 5th wheel....right?

It was awesome finally getting to visit in person with everyone.  RC and Aunt Katie gave us a great tour of the place she is living.  It is beautiful and nice! 

We headed out to California Grill for lunch and it was great!!   We had a lot of great conversation, my only regret is that it wasn't longer!   The visit was WAY too short!! 

Larry backed that rig out of there like a pro and we were on the road again.    We were going to stop in Anderson, SC for the night and then go on to Greensboro, via Rock Hill!

I am so happy we had a chance to visit and so sad that we never got to visit when all of us were younger.   

(BIG HUG) to all the family in Duluth.....and surrounding Atlanta area!

Aunt Katie and RC
September 2008
Aunt Katie and RC
September 2008
Sheila and Peggy
September 2008

We had no problem finding Peggy's house in Rock Hill!   Again, we had the rig parking issue, but we decided to park on the side of the road and it worked out great!

Jack Dawg visited with Peggy also.   He loved her immediately!!

I got to see all the updated photos of Marty's and Amy's children!!  They have grown so much and Grandma Peggy is VERY proud of all of them.   

Peggy has a very nice yard and you can see that a lot of work has gone into it!   I am not much of a gardener, but Larry is and he spent most of his time outside with Jack checking out the trees and plants. That was good, because that gave me and Peggy a chance to visit and have a few laughs.  

Sherrill had been down on Wednesday, but we missed her.   Amy had visited over the weekend and Marty and his family were coming up the next weekend. 

Peggy is such a jewel!   Moma and Daddy were so glad when I told them we were stopping by for a visit.

The time went very fast and before I knew it, we had to get on the road again.    We did not want to be in Charlotte during rush hour!!    How could it possibly be crazier than Atlanta???? (Little did we know what we were about to face in the gas lines!!)

Is Where You Park It